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Wireshark on a juniper interface

Once in a while you are in need of analyzing traffic on a specific interface using Wireshark. Junos being a unix ( derived from Research Unix ) offers several ways to perform this task. I will focus now on the … Continue reading

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Custom logfile on Juniper

Recently I placed a switch for a project. And now I want to see how often the switch is used by wired users. Lets for argument sake asume interface bounce is not handled by the standard log files. Juniper provides … Continue reading

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Juniper filters

In the networking world a multitude of vendors are present. And each of them have their magnificent features  but also their quirks. And one of the quirks, for the network vendors in general, is that terminology is not uniform. Where … Continue reading

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Juniper SRX 110

This week I bought an Juniper SRX 110. This device will help me to get more acquainted with the Junos cli structure.  From a Cisco perspective this box is slightly wider than a Cisco 8xx series router. But maintaining 1U … Continue reading

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