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Session logout Juniper

Once in a while a run in to an orphaned tty session. Somebody logged on by means of serial cable, and left while forgeeting to log out. ninja@someswitch> show system users  fpc0:————————————————————————–11:47PM  up 252 days, 14:55, 2 users, load averages: … Continue reading

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Custom logfile on Juniper

Recently I placed a switch for a project. And now I want to see how often the switch is used by wired users. Lets for argument sake asume interface bounce is not handled by the standard log files. Juniper provides … Continue reading

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GNS3 caveat – port status

Creating a network lab in GNS3 is reliefs on budget. But there are some drawbacks. One of which is port status. I have noticed that using GNS3 in combination with iouyap results in some unexpected behavior. Once a topology is made … Continue reading

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Extended IP Access-list

As we all have learned in our pursuit to CCNA there are many different types of access-list. In reality most commonly used are ip access lists. Major difference between ip standaard access-list an ip extended access-list is the ability to … Continue reading

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EIGRP neighbors

Cisco EIGRP protocol allows different methods to form neighborship relations. Default method is form neighborship automatically via multicast (multicast address of is used) After an adjacency is formed ‘hellos’ are  sent using IP protocol 88 (eigrp). This means that; … Continue reading

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Cisco Express Forwarding

Differences between IP CEF , fast forwaring and processor based forwarding. Continue reading

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