Anki – Spaced Repetition

While studying, I am seeking for ways to study more efficient. In the beginning I stumbled upon a method called ‘spaced repetition’. This method is wildly popular in the U.S. Unfortunately when I attended high school my home country this method was not used. I guess when if I knew about this method earlier in life my career would have looked much different.

Since I am network professional, a computer is never far away. The computer hardware uses Windows, Ubuntu and Android as an OS.  I want the study progress to be available on all hardware. First I used different software, unfortunately the variety of  OS’s proved difficult.

Recently I found a tool automate spaced repetition and which enabled syncing between the computers and tablets. The tool is called Anki. ( ). At this point I have only checked syncing between Ubuntu and Android.

It works like a charm.

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